Boudoir Photography FAQ

Is there a difference between Sensual Photography and Boudoir Photography?

There really isn’t a difference as far as style goes, it is more a preference of terminology. Boudoir quite literally means “A woman’s bedroom or private room.” I personally believe that this style of photography goes way beyond the bedroom. Sensual photography is about indulging your senses and exploring what makes you personally feel sexy.

What is your privacy policy, who will be seeing my photos?

At the Sensual Photographer your privacy is our number one priority. Your images will never be used with out your consent and your name will never be attached to the images if they are used. I consider it a great honor when a client allows me to share their images.

Is hair and makeup included in your sessions?

Every session comes with the full pampering that you deserve. When you come in for your session you do not have to think about anything except how beautiful you are going to look during your shoot. My hair and makeup artist is one of the best in the industry and she knows what photographs well and will help you to achieve your perfect  look.

Where will my session take place? 

Sessions take place at my studio located in SE Portland.

Do I have to get naked?

No, but it sure is fun! You can take off as much or as little as you’d like. The degree of how sensual an image is cannot be measured by how much clothing you are wearing, but instead is measured by how you feel in what you are (or are not) wearing.

Do you provide outfits?

Due to the intimate nature of these photos and the fact that everyone has different styles and body shapes I do not provide outfits. I do however have a small collection of accessories for you to choose from.

What do I bring/wear?

Stockings, lace negligees, corsets and classic vintage styles look amazing on camera. Unique interesting lingerie pieces are a great way to make your photographs really incredible. I generally recommend natural fabrics such as silk and cotton because of their photographic qualities. Before each session we will schedule a consultation, during this time I give styling tips specifically tailored to your session. Still unsure about what to bring? I also offer a personal shopping service.

How should I prepare for my Session?

Gather up some images that inspire you. Bring these to our pre-shoot consultation. I will not recreate those exact images, but it gives me an idea of your flair and style. Pinterest is a great way to put together a collection of images you like that you have found online.

The day of the shoot please remember to drink lots of water and eat before you arrive. Many women think that it is better not to eat beforehand because they don’t want to be bloated for their shoot, but I cannot stress enough the importance of a healthy meal before your session. Your shoot will be very active and you need the energy. Make sure to have shaved or waxed all of the areas you would like hair free several days before the session to allow your skin to recover. Wear loose comfortable clothing to your session, this helps avoid unwanted lines on the body. Button down shirts are preferable to avoid messing up your hair and makeup before the shoot.