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23 Mar

Year Round Mini-Sessions and Payment Plans


I am very excited to let you all know that I have added a new session package for 2017, I will be offering year round mini-sessions. Yes you read that right, you don’t have to wait for a sale to book that session you have been dreaming about. These mini sessions are great, especially for the budget conscious bride-to-be! This doesn’t mean that I won’t be offering flash sales occasionally throughout the year, but so many of you have requested having an option that was $500 or less and I am happy to let you know that is now a possibility! My sincere hope is that this opens the door to many women who never felt like they could treat themselves to a session before. You are all beautiful and you all deserve a day where you get to celebrate who you are and your body. 

These mini-sessions do have some limitations, but they are a great way to get a little taste of the boudoir experience. Mini-sessions cost $499 and can only be booked on Thursdays. They come with complimentary makeup (hair can be added for an additional cost), the session is 45 min long and you will be photographed in one outfit. Each session comes with a beautiful two image keepsake folio. This is such a great deal I can’t tell you how happy I am to be offering it!

Want a full session, but like me, are terrible at saving up your money for one? That is where our payment plans come in really handy! Book a session and pay the $350 retainer, then we can build a payment plan of up to 4 installments to pay off your session. You have the option to pay it off before the session takes place or after the session. If you wait to pay it off until after the session all product orders will be placed on hold until the session package is paid in full, so please make sure to plan accordingly if you need your product by a specific date.

So now that I have taken away the two biggest reasons women tell me they can’t book a session, what are you waiting for? Now is your chance, no excuses! Book your session today! Or if nothing else shoot me a message and schedule your free consultation and we can discuss all of your options in detail.


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16 Mar

60s Mod Part 1.

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It has been a long time since I have added a new post to this blog. As many of you know there have been a lot of changes in my life over the past year and a half, the biggest one being that my husband and I welcomed our beautiful son into the world. My pregnancy was a little challenging so my maternity leave started a little earlier than anticipated (that is a story for another blog post). Then I got to spend 6 months just soaking up everything that being a new mom has to offer. The second big change and most exciting for all of you, is that I have finally made the transition into full time artist! I am so thrilled to be taking this step forward in my business and this is great news because that means more time to dedicate to showing off some of the amazing women I have had the opportunity to work with.

Speaking of amazing women, I love working with Gina Campbell, my makeup and hair artist. She is so good at what she does, and really works to style my clients in a way that is sexy and flattering to each individual. She is also always up for a new project, and loves exploring new aesthetics. So it was no surprise that when she met my long-time friend and marketing go-to girl, Kristen, she wanted to collaborate. Gina had been playing around with the idea of styling a model in a classic 60s way, but adding touches of modern details to the hair and make-up. She chatted with us about her thoughts, and we decided to shoot at my house, as it was built in the 50s and still features some very 60s elements.

We scheduled the shoot and brought my friend Angela on board to help develop and curate a 60s set out of my front room. After a frenzied trip to IKEA, and sending our partners to the store to buy specific potted plants (and flaming hot cheetos), Angela got to work on completely revamping the space. We brought up an old record table from the era that was in my basement, and hung light fixtures that channeled a 60s look, but were decidedly modern. After about an hour, we had 4 “sets” to shoot with, and I had a brand new living room! I even pulled out my grandfather’s extensive collection of National Geographic magazines from the 60s as props.

In the weeks leading up to the shoot, I added some vintage 60s lingerie to my studio collection, and picked out the outfits that I thought would work best with the room and on Kristen. Even though I’ve been shooting with her for years, we always end up with some amazing images. Here are the first two sets! 



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01 Mar

Wanda Bones – Cabaret

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Wanda Bones - CabaretOne of my goals when I was building The Sensual Photographer was to help my client’s make their sexy, sensual fantasies become a reality. I love being able come together with my creative team and plan highly stylized themed shoots. When local burlesque performer Wanda Bones approached me about doing a 1920s Weimar Berlin styled shoot, I was thrilled. Not only is Wanda Bones one of my all time favorite burlesque performers in Portland, but I am a huge fan of the musical Cabaret so this was really a dream shoot for me.

Wanda Bones - CabaretWanda Bones - CabaretMy stylist Angela and I immediately sat down to start planning the session. Wanda had told me that she wanted something dark and vampy with rich velvety colors. While Angela and I were doing research, we were both drawn to the textures and feel of the 1920s opium dens and thought that they fit Wand’s vision perfectly. There was one image in particular that we kept coming back to that had lots of tapestries on the walls and a middle eastern feel to it. During our creative process we like to come up with storylines to help us curate the set. Our story for this session was a behind the scenes look into beautiful cabaret performer’s life after she has left the stage for the evening. Once we had that all in place, we set to work turning the guest bedroom in my home into a luxurious opium den.

Wanda Bones - CabaretWanda Bones - CabaretA few days before the session I met with Wanda and Angela to pick out the wardrobe and discuss hair and makeup. This is one of my favorite parts of the creative process because it is when you really start to see things come together. My hair and makeup artist Gina Campbell has had the opportunity to do a lot of 1920s styled looks so I knew without a doubt that she could pull off whatever look we desired. The one thing that we all agreed on was that while this was inspired by the 20s we wanted to keep the images in full color. The images would read as 20s because of the styling and poses. The photographs of the 20s have always been a huge inspiration to my work. I adore the work of Alfred Cheney Johnston and his photographs of the Ziegfeld Follies Showgirls. We wanted to capture the spirit of those images with a bit of a modern flair.
Wanda Bones - CabaretWanda Bones - Cabaret

During the AIBP retreat I attended in November last year, I submitted one of the images of Wanda for the print competition that was judge by photographer and printmaker Jonathan Penney. Only retreat attendees were allowed to submit. I ended up winning one of the prizes, receiving a beautifully framed version of the image. It is one of my favorite pieces of artwork, and it proudly hangs in my living room for all to see!
Wanda Bones - CabaretWanda Bones - Cabaret
Wanda Bones - CabaretWanda Bones - Cabaret

Wanda Bones - Cabaret

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23 Feb

Spokeswoman Bettina takes on Sensuality 

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 When I ran my spokesmodel contest last year, Bettina stood out to me because of her desire to step out of her comfort zone to promote body acceptance, something she herself was just learning. Her message throughout this whole process has been body positivity, and documenting her journey to accepting her body and loving it. Seeing the difference between the first time we shot together and this shoot was wonderful; she has truly gone through an amazing transformation. She was more confident in her body and her posing so I decided it was time to give her a little push in exploring her sensual side. I feel my job as a photographer is not just to capture beautiful images, but to allow my clients to explore sides of themselves that they may not have fully discovered or embraced.

When I posted a sneak peek from this session on my Facebook and Instagram yesterday, this is what Bettina had to say on her Instagram account (which you can follow @becomingbettina):

I was floored when I saw this photo of me earlier today. Being “sensual” is something that makes me feel vulnerable, to the point that I giggle, as I did throughout this shoot. I was sure she didn’t get anything other than cute that day. 

Speaking of feeling vulnerable, my first response was “oh man, I can’t post that. I’m too sexy.” And then I was like “Wait…it’s okay for me to be sexy.” Which again…still weird. 

I cannot tell you how much these boudoir photo shoots have helped me embrace my beauty, my vulnerability, myself.

I really love when my clients learn more about themselves through their sessions. I appreciate that Bettina trusts me enough to allow herself to be vulnerable in her images, and because of that, I can assure you that we captured more than just “cute” that day.

 I think the most important thing that Bettina took away from her session is that there is no shame in being sexy, which is what I hope everyone that comes to see me discovers and embraces for themselves. I want every woman to own their own brand of sexy every day!




HMAU: Gina Campbell

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16 Feb

Unmentionable Fashion Show



Lady K in a beautiful piece purchased at Lille Boutique.


I’ve always been slightly obsessed with hand-crafted lingerie and sleepwear. The idea that such beautiful, intimate pieces are poured over by designers who work painstakingly to create unique, flattering, and special undergarments is inspiring to me. With so many independent designers offering collections for all shapes, sizes, styles, and aesthetics, I often point my clients in this direction because the pieces don’t sacrifice fashion for comfort, and it supports local and handmade business.

Last Tuesday night, I attended Unmentionable: A Lingerie Exposition at the Doug Fir Lounge. Presented by Altar PDX and Elizabeth Mollo Productions, the show highlighted hand-crafted and independently designed collections. These designers and boutiques are mostly based here in Portland, but with a couple from other parts of the US. The collections ranged from sleek and sexy to fun and whimsical. I mean, there was a sloth-themed bra/panty/sock set. Need I say more? The music, set, and models totally came together to create an exciting, and at times, hilarious, evening. The audience was really lively and responsive, supporting the overarching theme of body positivity, which I love!

I have had clients who have worn pieces from local collections by VAVA Lingerie and Lille Boutique, two designers featured in the show. Both offer flattering pieces that photograph beautifully, which helps my clients to feel great during their session. I was especially excited to see the collections from Piper Dalton Designs, a local designer who rocks a comfy, knitwear aesthetic, and Chubby Cartwheels, also local, who specializes in lingerie for voluptuous, curvy women.


Lady G showing off this beautiful set from VAVA Lingerie.


After attending, I am totally inspired by what I saw, and am really looking forward to shooting my clients in some of the pieces. For those of you who are curious about what the process is for choosing the best boudoir pieces, here is my approach. When I sit down with my clients for our first consultation, I assist them with selecting lingerie or outfits that flatter their specific bodies. This means that not only will you feel more comfortable during the shoot, but your photos will highlight your sensuality and personality, which is incredibly satisfying. I have also gone lingerie shopping with some clients, which is always fun! I sometimes even walk away with new undergarments for myself, because let’s be honest… A good boudoir photographer should probably have a healthy collection (obsession) and understanding of lingerie!

For a complete list of designers from the show last night, see below. Take a look through their collections, and if something catches your eye, and you feel like the time is right to book a shoot, I’d love to chat with you further about how we can incorporate some of this amazing, local lingerie into your session!

Me with my creative team at the show.


Featured Designers:

Featuring New Collections From:

Altar PDX HouseLine (PDX)

Chubby Cartwheels (PDX)

Katastrophic (Austin, TX) **headliner!**

Lille Boutique (PDX)

Piper Dalton Designs (PDX)

Sock it to Me (PDX)

Smith River (PDX)

VAVA Lingerie (PDX)

WhiskeyDog (Mars Hill, NC)

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