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01 Jan

Reflections On 2018

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I have been working on this post for the past couple of weeks in hopes to have it done before the end of the year, but here we are already at the start of 2019. It is hard for me to believe that 2018 has come to a close. This past year has brought about some amazing changes for The Sensual Photographer, from the launch of the online Facebook Community Unapologetic Babes (if you haven’t joined I suggest you do that right now!), the relaunch of my Brand Ambassador program and building a whole new studio space. It has been wonderful, it has been stressful, I have accomplished a lot of things I set out to do and have fallen short in other areas, including, but not limited to keeping up with this blog! I really do intend to be better about it in the coming year, but I don’t make promises I can’t keep so if I succeed I will celebrate, if I don’t I will not be too hard on myself, it just means that other areas of my life have taken priority.

Through all of the developments last year you my beautiful clients kept me going.  My husband and I had not set out of buy our home last year, or completely renovate the studio or our home.  There were times during the studio remodel that I really questioned what I was doing, this was a big change and a huge commitment. Then I would think of all the women I had worked with and how I couldn’t wait to give them an even better experience, in a space that I had personally designed with nothing but boudoir photography in mind.  I could not have done it without all of the support and encouragement from past and future clients as well as a lot of man hours from my husband and other family members.  To the clients who took a leap of faith and purchased sessions before the new studio was even completed I have no words to ever express my gratitude.

My brand ambassadors have also played a huge part in my life and business this last year. Casie, Jade, Latoya and Lori knowing you are there for me means the absolute world to me! The fact that you all believe in what I am doing at the Sensual Photographer so much to take your time to participate in the Facebook group, trust me to take your pictures (Lori’s session is coming soon), share your images and boudoir experience is so special. You are all inspiring and I adore each and everyone of you.

Now in no particular order (picking images was challenging enough) Here are my top 11, yes 11 because I couldn’t get it narrowed down to 10, favorite images I created during 2018.

Hair and makeup on these images provided by, Gina Campbell, Heidi Osborne and Kira Floofie

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