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16 Feb

Unmentionable Fashion Show



Lady K in a beautiful piece purchased at Lille Boutique.


I’ve always been slightly obsessed with hand-crafted lingerie and sleepwear. The idea that such beautiful, intimate pieces are poured over by designers who work painstakingly to create unique, flattering, and special undergarments is inspiring to me. With so many independent designers offering collections for all shapes, sizes, styles, and aesthetics, I often point my clients in this direction because the pieces don’t sacrifice fashion for comfort, and it supports local and handmade business.

Last Tuesday night, I attended Unmentionable: A Lingerie Exposition at the Doug Fir Lounge. Presented by Altar PDX and Elizabeth Mollo Productions, the show highlighted hand-crafted and independently designed collections. These designers and boutiques are mostly based here in Portland, but with a couple from other parts of the US. The collections ranged from sleek and sexy to fun and whimsical. I mean, there was a sloth-themed bra/panty/sock set. Need I say more? The music, set, and models totally came together to create an exciting, and at times, hilarious, evening. The audience was really lively and responsive, supporting the overarching theme of body positivity, which I love!

I have had clients who have worn pieces from local collections by VAVA Lingerie and Lille Boutique, two designers featured in the show. Both offer flattering pieces that photograph beautifully, which helps my clients to feel great during their session. I was especially excited to see the collections from Piper Dalton Designs, a local designer who rocks a comfy, knitwear aesthetic, and Chubby Cartwheels, also local, who specializes in lingerie for voluptuous, curvy women.


Lady G showing off this beautiful set from VAVA Lingerie.


After attending, I am totally inspired by what I saw, and am really looking forward to shooting my clients in some of the pieces. For those of you who are curious about what the process is for choosing the best boudoir pieces, here is my approach. When I sit down with my clients for our first consultation, I assist them with selecting lingerie or outfits that flatter their specific bodies. This means that not only will you feel more comfortable during the shoot, but your photos will highlight your sensuality and personality, which is incredibly satisfying. I have also gone lingerie shopping with some clients, which is always fun! I sometimes even walk away with new undergarments for myself, because let’s be honest… A good boudoir photographer should probably have a healthy collection (obsession) and understanding of lingerie!

For a complete list of designers from the show last night, see below. Take a look through their collections, and if something catches your eye, and you feel like the time is right to book a shoot, I’d love to chat with you further about how we can incorporate some of this amazing, local lingerie into your session!

Me with my creative team at the show.


Featured Designers:

Featuring New Collections From:

Altar PDX HouseLine (PDX)

Chubby Cartwheels (PDX)

Katastrophic (Austin, TX) **headliner!**

Lille Boutique (PDX)

Piper Dalton Designs (PDX)

Sock it to Me (PDX)

Smith River (PDX)

VAVA Lingerie (PDX)

WhiskeyDog (Mars Hill, NC)

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