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23 Feb

Spokeswoman Bettina takes on Sensuality 

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 When I ran my spokesmodel contest last year, Bettina stood out to me because of her desire to step out of her comfort zone to promote body acceptance, something she herself was just learning. Her message throughout this whole process has been body positivity, and documenting her journey to accepting her body and loving it. Seeing the difference between the first time we shot together and this shoot was wonderful; she has truly gone through an amazing transformation. She was more confident in her body and her posing so I decided it was time to give her a little push in exploring her sensual side. I feel my job as a photographer is not just to capture beautiful images, but to allow my clients to explore sides of themselves that they may not have fully discovered or embraced.

When I posted a sneak peek from this session on my Facebook and Instagram yesterday, this is what Bettina had to say on her Instagram account (which you can follow @becomingbettina):

I was floored when I saw this photo of me earlier today. Being “sensual” is something that makes me feel vulnerable, to the point that I giggle, as I did throughout this shoot. I was sure she didn’t get anything other than cute that day. 

Speaking of feeling vulnerable, my first response was “oh man, I can’t post that. I’m too sexy.” And then I was like “Wait…it’s okay for me to be sexy.” Which again…still weird. 

I cannot tell you how much these boudoir photo shoots have helped me embrace my beauty, my vulnerability, myself.

I really love when my clients learn more about themselves through their sessions. I appreciate that Bettina trusts me enough to allow herself to be vulnerable in her images, and because of that, I can assure you that we captured more than just “cute” that day.

 I think the most important thing that Bettina took away from her session is that there is no shame in being sexy, which is what I hope everyone that comes to see me discovers and embraces for themselves. I want every woman to own their own brand of sexy every day!




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