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24 Apr

The Pencil Test – Lingerie Boutique Review

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IMG_1198.JPGIMG_1199.JPG To all of the busty ladies out there (and even some of you who don’t believe you are busty) I would like to tell  you all about this wonderful place called The Pencil Test, located on NE Alberta. It was recommended to me by my spokesmodel finalist Danielle. Most of you know how difficult it is to find anything resembling cute lingerie if you are over a D cup, but I am here to tell you there is hope, this is a lingerie boutique that specializes in bras that are D cups and up. Now since I am personally B/C cup I had wanted to check this place out because the number one thing I see in my job is ill fitting bras, but thought it might be a little strange since they wouldn’t carry anything in my size. That is where my other two spokesmodel finalists come into save the day!

I asked Jessica if she would like to meet me there and we could try on some outfits for her photos shoot. She quickly agreed and I am so very glad she did. Our experience at The Pencil Test was amazing, their customer service is completely unmatched. When I got there Jessica had arrived before me and told them what we were doing. She already had a bra in hand to try on to get the fit right. I am pretty sure that Abby, who helped us with both fittings, is a bra magician. There was no awkward measuring involved she just simply looked at both ladies and ran to the back and started pulling out bras for them to try on. I even over heard her ask one lady what size she wore and the woman told her she usually wore a C cup. She took one look at her and away they went to the dressing room. Turns out the woman fit better in an E cup, magic seriously! What I loved about the experience was that Abby continually checked in to make sure that the fit was actually correct. Now this might seem a little intimidating at first, but the dressing rooms are set up in a way that it is very private and I promise it is for the best. She knows her stuff and was able to fine tune the sizing just by looking a the way the bra sat on the body. She is also full of useful tips on bra wearing. I am telling you this girl is a boob genius. I was also really impressed with the comfortable atmosphere of the store, bra shopping can be a daunting task and everything was just so relaxed and dare I say fun! I knew that I absolutely had to take Bettina there to get fitted as well.

Now let’s talk about the transformation of wearing a bra that fits properly. It was incredible for me to watch both of the ladies demeanor change once they had on a bra that fit well. I could  see their confidence growing, they stood differently and looked genuinely comfortable in what they were wearing. Since neither of these ladies had ever modeled before, like most of my clients, they were a bit nervous and didn’t know what to expect from a boudoir sessions, but as they tried on different outfits we talked about what worked well for their bodies and what was going to photograph best on them. During the process of trying bras on I could feel some of the nerves start to subside. By the time we walked out of the store they were both excited and much more prepared for their session because they knew that they had a really great outfit, to wear.

The Pencil Test has the best selection of  cute and sexy lingerie for D cups and up that I have ever seen in an actual store front.  They also have a really great section of basics. I know the big question is often cost, their bras tend to be in in the $50 – $70 range, but they are well made and going to fit, which for many ladies is a huge bonus. Also walking out of their knowing your proper size and understanding how a bra should fit is pretty much priceless in my opinion.

In the end all three of my spokesmodel finalists were wearing bras purchased from The Pencil Test. Check out the bras in action! Also voting is still happening to select my 2015 spokesmodel from one of these three lovely ladies. If you would like to help me select my spokes model Vote Here!
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