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13 Feb

Fashion Friday: Strappy Snakeskin Shoes

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One fantastic perk to having a boudoir studio is that when you come across an amazing pair of shoes, for a screaming deal, but there are none left in your size you just buy them for the studio. The down side is I often stare at them longingly wishing that my tiny size 6 feet wouldn’t be swimming in them. This was the case last week when I ended up by chance at Kohl’s with my best friend. The number one reason I love Kohl’s is because they carry Rock & Republic clothing and shoes and boy am I a sucker for their stuff. R & R jeans fit me like they were made for me, and that is saying a lot since I tend to struggle to find jeans that can make it over my thighs and hips while not gapping at the waist. Then there is the shoes, it is hard for me to resist the urge to buy them all. Sometimes I even avoid the shoe section of the store as to not be tempted.RockandRepublic_SnakeSkin_Shoes

I just couldn’t resist the urge when we were there this last time, I saw these bad boys on the shelf and I knew I had to make them mine. Faux snakeskin shoes, simply sexy studded straps and zippers, oh man they make my little heavy metal heart so happy. Unfortunately for me, but super luck for all of you, they did not have my size. I couldn’t just leave them behind though so into the studio collection the went.RockandRepublic_SnakeSkin_ShoesRockandRepublic_SnakeSkin_ShoesRockandRepublic_SnakeSkin_ShoesRockandRepublic_SnakeSkin_Shoes

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